Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project Core

"Project Core is a long-term study of paranormal accounts submitted voluntarily and anonymously by the interested public. Our goals are as follows:

1.) To identify shared elements between every type of paranormal encounter submitted, if such elements exist.

2.) To identify common traits between the experiencers themselves, if any exist.

3.) To compare and contrast genuine experiences with imagined ones. For this, we present an option for people who have never had any sort of paranormal experience to write a fictitious account of what they think it would be like to, for example, encounter Bigfoot, live in a haunted house, have a near death experience, or be abducted by aliens.

Over the next 10 months we will collect your stories as well as answers to some questions that interest us. This is not a gathering of accounts for a book, film or anything profit-driven – only research into paranormal experiences and those who have had them. It’s an anonymous submitting process, but one that requires raw truth no matter how odd or unbelievable. This is not an exclusive data collection process – ghosts, PK, ESP, possession, non-human contacts, etc. are all sought and welcomed. When we complete our analyses, we will present our findings in a paper that will be freely available to all."


The above is a quote from an introduction to of a new study project presented by the folks at Paratopia, currently being conducted by Dr. Kimbal Cooper, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni.

For more information and a questionnaire, go here.

(Hat-tip to Reagan Lee at The Orange Orb.)

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