Monday, October 10, 2011

Graham Hancock Interview

One of my daily cyber-space stops is author Graham Hancock's News page, where I generally find all the latest unbiased paranormal news I need to find, plus new articles about science, archaeology, technology and outer space.

Then again, Graham Hancock pisses a lot of people off, often a selling point for people like myself, and one in his favor.

He posted an interview of himself with Joe Rogan recently that I had a chance to listen to last night. It is a long interview (2 hours +) but well worth the time, covering everything from the "war on drugs" - he feels that the world governments are holding our minds hostage (to which I agree) - Egypt, consciousness, Rupert Sheldrake, recent archaeological discoveries, Mars, and more. Despite my reservations on a couple of points, all in all, I found it fascinating.

To listen for yourself and draw you own conclusions go here.


  1. Thank goodness for people like Graham, brave enough to offer alternative views on our history. :)

  2. I agree!

    I may not necessarily buy all of his theories, but I respect and applaud his efforts to challenge the "carved in stone" textbook notions of the academic elitists... and his defense of others who attempt to do the same thing.

    I notice Mac mentions Hancock's "Mars Mystery" in "After the Martian Apocalypse", and not unfavorably.

  3. Interesting post; I listened to Hancock and thought his theories about a lost pre-history were fascinating. I mentioned your post in my piece on Ivory Tower haunts