Friday, October 21, 2011

The Great Beast

"Of immediate interest is Aleister Crowley's "Lam," a "magickal" entity who bears an uncanny resemblance to today's "Grays." Unlike Lam, who functioned as a mentor and paraphysical guru, the Grays are typically assumed to be dispassionate ET scientists; if Crowley were practicing his consciousness experiments today, would he be greeted by dome-headed beings in skin-tight jumpsuits?"

- Mac Tonnies, via this PHB post

Nothing says "Halloween" quite like Aleister Crowley, and that fact was not lost on ToB, our intrepid blogger at Histories of Things To Come. She's been doing a no-holds-barred Halloween countdown for the month of October, covering a range of topics that few others would be so bold to attempt... everything from the real "Cryptkeepers" and the suicide forest of Japan, to celebrity hauntings and the ghosts of Cambodia.

She kids you not! Great stuff!

As for Aleister, The Fake Mystic, oh ToB, don't be so hard on the man! Fraudulent he may have been (in ways), but such a brilliant fraud! ;-)


  1. Hi Dia, Thanks very much for the mention! I've had my fill of ghosties and ghoulies this month, let me tell you. As for AC, you might say he's one of my favourite least-favourites.

    I like what Mac said about him, quite a picture he conjured up with the jumpsuits. I have to say that over the course of the month while doing this Hallowe'en countdown, I've noticed a lot of overlap between ghost/religious superstitions and alien rumours, so I think Mac was really onto something in picking up that connnection, as had others. The connection is in my haunted roads post, and it's in a few upcoming posts as well.

  2. I have mixed feelings about Crowley. At one point in my youth I found him very inspirational... but then, had I known more about the actual man - and, really, the information available now is not exactly "straight from the horse's mouth" - would I have felt differently?

    Yes, well, that's just the problem... when discussing issues "paranormal" there's always this huge overlap. Kind of like the "science of the unknowable". I think we're missing too many large pieces of the puzzle... or perhaps we're spending too much time looking at the pieces, and missing the big picture... or we're missing what's lying behind the puzzle... or what's hidden in empty spaces in-between...

    That conundrum! ;-)

    In any case, your "countdown" was a huge undertaking as I believe you now realize. Rest assured, you did a great job! I'm hoping you give yourself a break though, before you reach the burnout point!