Friday, May 13, 2011

Mac is News Again!

Literally, that is!

Apparently, inspired by the recent NY Times article, Christina Medina, a reporter for NBC news in Kansas City, created this television spot that aired Thursday night. Mac's Latteland friends, David Peeples, Andrea Ring and Lane Van Ham were interviewed especially for the broadcast, the cover of Mac's Crypto tome appears... and even a screen shot of this blog. (Go figure - but, no, I had nothing to do with it!)

I was somewhat disturbed by the semi-tabloid - and unnecessary - account of his death. but, I guess that's, uh, "entertainment"...

In any event, I really think Mac would've gotten a kick out of this...despite a few inaccuracies. He wasn't necessarily a fan of television, but he was a fiend for meme dispersal - specifically his own - so, you go, Mac!

The accompanying article appears here.