Friday, September 2, 2011

Eerie Mars

There was some news recently about the Mars rover "Opportunity" via this article on which got me curious as to what Opportunity has been up to these days. I never paid quite as much attention to it as I did to Spirit in the early days, but I was in an exploratory mood, so I headed over to NASA's Mars rover site.

The first 3 shots I found on the page devoted to Sol 2543. I'm assuming that wavy stuff is sand (?) but it's so oddly contrasted it almost looks as if someone painted it on.

The last shot - click the image for an enlargement - are actually 2 shots I found on the Sol 2612 page, which I noticed were of 2 sides of the same indentation in the ground and so I spliced them together using that dark rock in the foreground as my guide.

I find the most maddening thing about all the Mars photos is that you want to be there - you want to get up right close and investigate... but can't... ever.

UPDATE: For those interested in Opportunity and its travels, here's a great blog featuring loads of fantastic Martian photos (2D and 3D): The Road to Endeavour.