Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Belated Birthday Card of Sorts

I was really hoping to have this post up on Mac's birthday (the 20th), but, well, I did try...

In any event, the illustration I warned you about previously has finally been completed. Oh, you know, that illustration I started for Mac years ago and abandoned several times in angst. Quite a process, I assure you... especially as it was created for eyes that will never see it. Well, maybe we can all, collectively, beam it up to him... he did tend to like my  weird "icons". This one is probably less futuristic than he would of liked but then, well, I was informed by ancient traditions.

And so, without much ado, I present to you a detail of "The Dragon and the Pearl". For the full image, and a bit more of Tatiana's story, you'll have to visit my other blog, that is: here.


  1. Left a comment on TransD. What a wonderful birthday gift, and a sad history of an image that is already telling its own story.

  2. It's gorgeous and he would have loved it.

  3. Thanks, ToB and Mark.
    Yes, i guess if "every picture tells a story", then this picture is telling two.