Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Sneak Peek

Around a year and a half ago I posted a small graphic of a faerie-like creature on this blog - since removed -  I was working on for Mac Tonnies before his untimely death. If I remember correctly, I named the creature "Titania" and warned that she would be reptilian in the future if, indeed, I finished the graphic at all.

Well, many months later, "Titania" is now Tatiana - in an image entitled: The Dragon & The Pearl - and she is almost ready to make her debut. Not quite, however. When she is finished she will appear on my new blog, i.e., that art blog I have tentatively proposed (and/or warned you about) in the past. The name of the blog is: Trans-D Digital Art (Transdimensionalism and Transfiguativism in Digital Art).

The blog itself is not devoted to the illustrative work of mine that readers of PMB may already be familiar with, but is striving - as I am striving - for a new expression in art that follows closely with the new digital mediums (and mystical memes) that surround us. So, if you're interested, stop by set a spell, and hopefully, it will become more entertaining with time.