Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Flying the Martian Skies

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This is a simulation... this is only a simulation... of a NASA aircraft (found on a NASA web-page) that may someday fly over Mars. (Full story here)

Pretty cool, huh? Almost kind of reminds me of one of those boomerang-type UFOs people have claimed to see... although not quite as cool as the one illustrated on this UFO Explorer page... a craft seen over Keisterbach. Germany in 2007...

Speaking of UFOs, here's a link to another informative site: UFO Hunters.

Meanwhile, over at Radio Misterioso, Greg Bishop - who's recently had a new book published (in which he mentions Mac, and discusses here) - hosted a UFO  Roundtable earlier in the week. Listen to his radio shows on the main RM page.

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