Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cliff Pickover's "The Six Thousand"

Portrait of Mac by Electric Warrior

"6000 intriguing people you want to meet online before you die. 
Who will make the list tomorrow?"

- Cliff Pickover's "The Six Thousand"

I don't know how this bit of Mac-related trivia slipped my mind these past few years, but I was reminded last night during research for my latest Trans-D post The Doors of Perception. (Yes, another cross-post...)

I can't tell you what intriguing people might make Cliff Pickover's list tomorrow, but I can tell you who made the list Wednesday, January 04, 2006. As well he should have! If I remember correctly, the list was loads shorter in those days. But, what I do remember without a doubt was Mac having gotten a huge kick out of it.

Incidentally, I've added a new link list to the Post-Mac Blues side-bar; hat-tips to people, places and things which I've posted elsewhere on this blog in the past, and many of which I've cited frequently. (Note: I've included the UFO Mystic link, but I notice that the page has been blank for months now. No clue.)


Added note: Following the pixel trail I found this mention of Clifford Pickover on Posthuman Blues from 2008: apparently Mac was co-blogger on Pickover's Reality Carnival Unleashed. He mostly posted links to articles, and many of the links are now broken, but the ones that work are interesting, so, if you elect to visit the page, scroll down to Friday, August 22, 2008, and keep going.

For example, here's a sampling from April 8, 2008: Spoof "Virgle" plan proves unexpectedly plausible, and from May 7 of that year: Astrobiological nonlocality at the cosmological level.
There are numerous others!

For Cliff's mile long list of phenomenal links - continuously updated - go to Reality Carnival!


  1. I don't know. I think the Pickover list would be best complemented by the 6000 people you should meet online, but will never hear about and never meet. But they are out there nonetheless. I'd love to see that 'unseen' list.

    1. Actually, I'm kind of heartened by the fact that, of the group, so many of them are professional women. That so many of them are also young and attractive kind of brings to mind an internet dating site, but, still, I have to give him credit.

      Hey, but here's an idea for a list - the top 1000 psychopaths to avoid... online and everywhere else!