Friday, December 28, 2012


This was just posted on YouTube today... Roboy, the latest artificial humanoid you will be replaced with in the future. ;-)

Happy New Year!


  1. Ach! Mein doppleganger!

    In the future eh? In the WAY future - robotic 'beings' have quite a way to go before they are truly a useful tool and not just a geek toy. The media and marketing gurus love to feed us that "right around the corner" scenario, but that moment is at the VERY least, several decades off.

    First, we need far better battery technology. No one wants a robot that has to charge for one hour out of every two. Next - and the truly big hurdle is software - integration of visual and tactile feedback and..then.....of course, the robot will need to understand simple instructions.

    Decades. But...keep in mind, 30 years ago I once thought 4K of RAM was nearly god-like. Guess I've gotten cynical since then. ;)

    1. Oh, I don't know, it seems technology has already replaced the human touch in a lot of areas... and displaced a lot of humans from the workforce.

      Re: battery-operated robotic entities. I can wait. I have a tiny clock-work geek toy. He works just fine. ;-)

  2. Note to Kirsty McQuire: I've seen your message and have replied via email to the address you indicated. You might want to check your spam box! ;-)

    Thanks for your interest!

    For some obscure reason, I thought my email address was somewhere on this blog... apparently not, so I've just added it onto the sidebar under the "about me" section.