Wednesday, August 23, 2017

... And Many Happy Returns!

Google does the eclipse.

Mac would've turned 42 this past Sunday, the day before the (infamous) solar eclipse. I was unable to come to the table either of those days, but it isn't as if I wasn't thinking of him. As far as 42 goes... well, 43 is a better number... and also the reverse of 34, his age when he passed. Would Mac remark very much about being in his early 40s? Probably not. But, something tells me that being perpetually remembered as a young guy in his thirties would appeal to him.

As far as that hyped up eclipse went... well, here in New Mexico it was obscured by a thick blanket of clouds. Go figure. Generally the New Mexican sun burns off any cloud cover immediately but this was not the case yesterday... so, it was all rather a nonevent. Oh well... supposedly an even better one is arriving in 2024. Meanwhile, I think the best thing about this one was Google's adorable animation (above).

(Note to Mac: Happy, Happy Birthday, baby... and we're all wishing you a happy return real soon! By the way, in (belated) honor of your day I put some Bowie tunes on the sidebar... and, as a bonus, a bit of Mars archaeology (below).


To Mars!

A close-up of the Martian surface via the Curiosity rover.

"I've had dreams of archaeological sites appearing locally - specifically, Martian formations suddenly transplanted to Earth . . . in one case, my backyard!

(The latest was only a few nights ago; I meant to write about it on my blog.  I'll put that on my "to do" list.)

- Mac Tonnies via an email to myself dated June 26, 2006.


That Mac dreamt of Martian archaeological sites shouldn't be too surprising... hell, he wrote the book! That these same sites appeared on Earth in the dreams, however is a bit curious. Had he unconsciously determined that ancient Martian history is, in a sense, our own?

Speaking of which, remember the Mars Archaeological Society tee-shirt design? Well, I recently found some other Spirit Rover .jpgs in my files which feature the immediate surrounding areas - and a few more mysterious objects - where a few of the tee-shirt artifacts were found.  (I've posted them after the jump.) That they're impossible to identify is what we might expect from extraterrestrial objects. That they might seem vaguely familiar, however, is another story entirely. A genetic memory?

There's a collection of weird stuff here, some of which I highlighted.
The object in the lower right-hand corner appears on the tee-shirt. The link
to this area (on the NASA page) can be found as the corresponding
link on the tee-shirt page.
(Click on images for enlargements)

The "clock-work falcon" in the lower right-hand corner appears on the shirt.
I've highlighted two others that seem the least organic, although "organic" is hardly
anything to sneeze at.

This absolutely weird, distressed piece of junk defies description
and was not an element included on the tee-shirt design. I can't find the link
but it was from Sol 136, 2013 and possibly the Nav-Cam. The other shots are from Sol 12, 2013, and are from the "other" cam.

The tee-shirt object is in the upper right hand corner. The shell-like object
off-center I find particularly striking.


This Just In...

A cool Martian anomaly from Gerald Turners site found on his Flickr page.

"Read a bit from Mac’s blog. The last comment is from 2012, only I and I still haunt it.  Eventuality got off to Mars. Arriving I was reminded again of just how still and peaceful this ruined planet is. Of how it is such a sanctuary for us from the screeching nightmare that is Earth."

- Gerald Turner - Xenoarchaeologist (and Posthuman Blues fan) - whom Mac once referred to as a soul brother - from his blog post: A Mac Tonnies Kind of Lost Day.


It's always nice to find another fan of Mac's... and another Martian... who just happens to have a Mars xenoarchaeology blog (!). I found the link to Mars Relay Station in the comment section of Posthuman Blues the other day; it was the most recent comment. When my RSS feed notified me of a new comment on Triptych #15, however, I immediately suspected spam. I was so relieved to find an authentic comment!

Note to GT: Well, previous to your PB comment was one by "Anonymous" from 2016... and another by Michael Garrett... and I'm always keeping an eye on it), so, no, you're not the only spook haunting PB! Nice blog, by the way! :-)

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