Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Visit to Kauffman Memorial Garden

Entering the Garden in October (click to enter)

"I really like this garden and try to make the occasional pilgrimage. Refreshingly Zen, especially after prolonged exposure to the damned suburbs."

- Mac Tonnies, posting about Kauffman Memorial Garden, May of 2006

Kauffman Memorial Gardens, in Missouri, hosts an amazing variety of flora and fauna which is on view - for no fee - throughout all the seasons of the year. To your right, an exotic butterfly - the moth-like Owl Morpho.  To your left, a winter shot of an interesting phenomenon, the frost flower.

One of the Garden's several dancers.



All of these photos (and many more) can be found on the wonderful Kauffman Memorial Garden blog. Previous posts regarding Mac and the Garden can be found here and here. In a sense, the whole of Kauffman Memorial Garden has become a monument to Mac, and he has become (literally) a portion of its fabric.

For more information about the Garden, go here, or here.

If you ever make it there in real-time, drop a line.

(Photo credit for all photos: Kauffman Memorial Garden)

(This recreated post is dedicated - with love - to Robert and Dana Tonnies.)

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