Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Espresso, hat, camera"

This was one of Mac's photo's (circa 2008) that can be found on his Flicker pages... an ironic little homage to himself, perhaps... and an image that he'd probably enjoy on this memorial.

I would, at this time, like to give a special thanks to this blog's followers: Kate Sherrod, Kartott, Joshua Fouts and Anna Nachesa. Your presence has been (and always will be) much appreciated. I wish you all the very best.

Also, thanks to those who have left their mark on these pages, in whatever form.

For those who may have wondered, "Araqinta" was never an alias but was in fact a name for my artistic "workshop" while Mac was alive. It was taken from the name of a fictional planet I had created for an unfinished story I had began in 2005. I have taken most references to it off of these pages, but it will remain the URL for this blog-spot.


  1. Hello...

    My name is Sarah, and I have just recently become aware of this beautiful tribute site. It is so touching to find another friend of Mac's keeping his memory alive through art and creativity. I have linked to this page from another tribute site called Macbots, and we'd love to have you share with us too if you'd like to join our little community.

    Much love,

  2. Dia,

    I just found out about this blog - I wanted to start something very similar.

    Thank You so much for starting this blog.

    One question, any word about Mac's cats?

    I'm hopeful they ended up in a nice home.

    Thank you SO much,
    Mike Clelland.

  3. Thanks, Sarah, for your thoughtfulness - I'd despaired that this blog had inadvertently fallen through the cracks. And, thanks for the invite, though I think I'm probably "Mac"ed-out at this point, I'll certainly put my "two cents" in from time to time! :-)

    You're welcome, Mike! I began posting this blog October of last year however, so I'm not so much starting it as ending it. Certainly if anything comes up though, I'll post it.

    As for the cats... well, I'd like to think they're following Mac around through Kauffman Gardens on sunny days. Dana Tonnies tells me the park is currently filled with pink tulips... sounds pretty.

    My best to both you and Sarah.