Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Past, Present and Future

Christmas 2017 at the Tonnies' house.

"This is interesting. I just realized it's 3:00 AM on Christmas Eve and I'm blogging about viral holocaust.

Happy holidays from Kansas City!"

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 24, 2004.

"Enjoy Xmas while we still have the oil-based infrastructure to transport useless crap to malls for overzealous shoppers to snatch up. It won't last."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 20, 2008.

"I wanted a Wicked Laser for Christmas, but I suppose I'll settle for an ion ray gun."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, January 8, 2006.


Well, the world may be going to hell in a tote-bag, but, happily, the year is almost over. Honestly, though, where would this blog be around the holidays if it weren't for Dana Tonnies and her Christmas trees? (Thanks again, D.)

Last year's theme was a Blue Christmas; this year's theme is plaid... and next year? Well, hopefully, not a "post-apocalyptic" Christmas... although, as a theme, it's not half-bad. All you'd have to do is spray-paint the tree matte-black. Kind of like the trees in California about now. (Sorry about that folks.)

Anyway, cynics tend to get a lot more cynical around the December holidays. In our defense, it might be all those Xmas-related pop tunes which are played non-stop in department stores for weeks before the fact... you know, prompting consumers to spend all that money (they don't have)... and/or provoking the occasional brain hemorrhage...

Mac wasn't exactly a raging fan of the holiday... well, except for the gift part. And, as any reader of Posthuman Blues would know, he loved getting those! Below the jump are some more Xmas quotes from Mac.

Meanwhile, today's the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year; the good news being that, by tomorrow, the days will begin to get longer... just in time for Xmas and the New Year. And, my wish? May we all have happier holidays than we think we will! ;-)

"My 2004 Christmas Wish-List (partial) (in no particular order):

1.) Nissan 350Z 
2.) PowerBook G4 
3.) Faux Leather iJoy Turbo 2 Robotic Massage Chair 
4.) Bombardier Learjet 
5.) The Cure: Join The Dots (Boxed Set) 
6.) Pagoda-Style Cat Tree 
7.) Virgin Galactic Ticket 
8.) Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine"

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 5, 2004.

"Things I want for Christmas:

1.) A high-capacity digital voice recorder. 
2.) A digital camera. 
3.) One of those mechanical ergonomic massage chairs from The Sharper Image. 
4.) My own habitat module aboard the International Space Station."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 13, 2003.

"Look what I got for Christmas!

'Katita' bounces, shuffles, jitters, shivers, and rambles like there's no tomorrow.

And who knows? Maybe there isn't."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 27, 2005.

Nunzilla, the fire-breathing wind-up toy.
Photo Credit: Mike Waller

"Look what else I got for Christmas!

I'm not Catholic. I've never been Catholic. But I like setting Nunzilla loose on the floor and watching the fireworks. 

I wonder if she'll hit it off with Katita..."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 27, 2005.

"Christmas never does much for me, but for some reason I get excited at the prospect of an imminent new year. Nothing actually changes, but it's one more step into the future, and that alone is worth at least some celebration."

- Mac Tonnies, Posthuman Blues, December 24, 2006.