Friday, February 13, 2015

Mac's Original Website Restored

"I tend to think in the future-tense. I’m a skeptic, agnostic and existentialist; I perceive reality as a kind of consensual hallucination that forces us to define our sense of identity without recourse to faith or superstition."

- Mac Tonnies' introduction to his website

A very special thanks goes out to the ever-diligent Dana Tonnies, Danae... and, I believe, the amazing Mark Plattner (Mac chose his friends very well).


  1. Nice to see! Now if only we can get that final Posthuman Blues book, Mac's web and print presence will be fully restored for many to discover him in the years to come!

    1. Amen.

      But, Paul's a busy, busy man these days. Let's hope he finds the time for it.

      Maybe if there's enough interest shown, it might inspire him! ;-)

    2. Nice! I do hope the book will be forthcoming at some point.

    3. Funny, I was just over at Postreason...
      Happy to see you again, K, and thanks for your contribution! :-)