Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Compressorhead, The All-Robot Rock Band

"Fingers" via Kruger Media

"Along with Bones, 'the highest precision bass player in known existence,' and drummer Stickboy, who plays a 14-piece kit, these robots make up the German all-robot heavy metal band Compressorhead. According to the band's website, which pokes fun at its human readers as 'meatbags,' the drummer, like the guitarist, 'was created to exacting specifications. 4 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, no brain.'

Compressorhead's performance is controlled by MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and electro-pneumatic valves that are synchronized with 
the robots' head-banging movements."

- excerpt from: Raging Machines: Compressorhead, the First Robot Rock Band by Daniel Honan, April 16, 2013, Big Think

Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later... I'm only surprised it took so long.

Of course, nothing apart from a kitchen appliance would prefer Compressorhead's cover of Blitzkrieg Bop to the Ramone's original "meatbag" version... however, not bad, not bad. And if you like this sort of thing, here's the raging machines covering "Bullet in the Head" by... um, those other guys.


  1. Um.....the cover of the Romone's song is PRETTY DARNED GOOD ...imagine the programming involved!

    God..I LOVE this! Got stuck on YouTube watching all the videos of Compressorhead.

    And I can imagine the artistic embellishments to take this to the next level ;)

  2. Well, I don't see Robo-Rock as The Next Big Thing, though, considering the state of pop music these days, it might be an improvement.

    The next level? Well, it'd be cool if they had voices. ;-)