Thursday, July 12, 2012

Image by Mike Clelland

"This is Mac Tonnies' Posthuman Blues Blog as it was captured shortly after his death. We hope future historians, the curious and his friends will read these words and Grok Mac in fullness."

- Capn Marrrrk Plattner via PostHuman

Awesome news from Capn Marrrrk Plattner: there is now a Posthuman! For those of you who didn't know, Mark has been busy capturing Mac's Posthuman Blues blog in its entirety - yes, in its entirety - for quite some time. Talk about dedicated friends... In any case, Mac work (and Mark's) now has a permanent and dedicated home... untouched by the hands of time (and the excrement of spam).

In a separate intro - Separating the Tears from the Rain - Mark writes:

"Whether he knew it or not, Mac influenced a great many people across many different disciplines, and simply put, we want a memorial for our friend who died way too soon. This version of Posthuman Blues is frozen in time right up to Mac's last post, and the comment thread which details the discovery of his death and aside from his books, it's the closest anyone can come to knowing the essence of Mac Tonnies, a man who was certainly worth knowing. In general, I really dislike saying, "What Mac would have wanted..." type statements, but I was under the impression that he really would have wanted to upload his consciousness into a computer. How awesomely Posthuman is that? Alas, instead of talking with Macbot we have to satisfy ourselves with the salient data points he was willing to share."

Congratulations, Capn Marrrrk!!!

And I think that I speak for us all, when I say thank you.


  1. Fantastic news! Well done, Cap'n!!

  2. Hey there. I'm sorry, what I meant was I could take the comments out of the live site and put them into the mirror site. I still don't have the password for the original site, I can only fix what I have access to.

  3. Good news! Thanks so much for doing this, Mark. :o)