Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow Circles

David Peeples sent me this amazing link today which I was compelled to post here despite my vows to abstain from this type of blogging on PMB. 

Of course, crop circles come to mind... but, rest assured, there's nothing inherently paranormal in the snow circles' creation...(but, then again, define paranormal!) They were, in fact, created by one man wearing snowshoes! No BS. The man's name is Simon Beck, and he and his work can be found here.

Thanks, David!


  1. Paranormal aside, the design is cool.

    Unfortunately I nearly have enough snow - today (THE SECOND DAY of SPRING) to make snow circles myself. The world is coming to an end ...the Mayans were right! :(

  2. There are a number of different snow circles on the links provided and they're all pretty incredible.

    Still balmy here... the first time I've seen an actual bona fide spring in ages in my neck of the woods... whereas I've seen snow in April in the past. Apparently there was a blizzard in Arizona, so, don't feel bad. ;-)

  3. Oh, I'm sure I'll feel LOTS better after the first 80-degree weekend.