Monday, December 20, 2010

The Silent Evolution

This amazing sculptural installation is the work of Jason de Caires Taylor and is located in MUSA an underwater museum off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Comprised of 400 life-size human figures carved in cement, the figures function not merely as a work of art, but as a habitat for various ocean wildlife, such as coral.

Very eerie - and a work of sheer genius.

When I saw this I immediately thought of Mac... various sculptures, often of the human form, frequently fell under his camera lens. He'd have a field day in MUSA!

A video clip of the artist talking about his work with more views of "The Silent Evolution" can be found here.

(Another hat-tip to BoingBoing!)

Postscript: Actually, in a very weird way, this installation reminds me of Roy Batty and "tears in rain"... only instead of a dove flying away, there's a magnificent manta-ray.


  1. I find this fascinating - both for the work and the setting - and the combining factors add up to an experience that borders on the alien.

  2. Visions of Pompeii on an ancient, watery Mars...?