Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comings and Goings

There's been sad news and glad news on the web in the past week. The former is that Bud Hopkins and Stuart Miller, two important contributors to the world of ufology, passed away recently. 

Stuart Miller was only indirectly mentioned on this blog in the past regarding his magazine "Alien Worlds". Paul Kimball has posted a touching memorial on The Other Side of The Truth found here.

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, Nick Redfern has this to say about his new blog, Nick's Fortean Pic of the Day:

"Back in 2008, the late Mac Tonnies - a good friend and brilliant writer and thinker - established a little-known blog titled Things That Look Like Flying Saucers.

As its name suggested, Mac's blog was a humorous look at a whole variety of down-to-earth "things" that, when photographed, resembled UFOs. 

Well, I recently thought, in the same spirit that Mac created his blog, why not establish a light-hearted blog - also of a photo-driven nature - that offers a bit of a departure from the grim-faced, oh-so-serious side of Forteana? 

So, for what it's worth, here's my attempt! Like it or not! 

Each day promises a new photo...Or, maybe several..."


(The photo above is one of Mac's that can be found on his "Pseudo saucers" blog.)

(Thanks to Regan Lee via Women of Esoterica!)